The MEISSL Architects APP is available for download in the two most important APP stores since a few weeks. In addition to an excerpt of general information and references from our studios, the VR LOUNGE is the heart of it. It is a viewer for mobile devices and / or VR glasses that we provide free of charge.

In this way, we enable our clients to enjoy 3D images with their own smartphoneto take with them everywhere, to look at and above all to show to others. Our pictures are always 360 degree representations, so it is possible to rotate personally in the room and those whoprefer to sit still, can move the pictures with their fingers. All images are always password protected andso secured against unwanted prying eyes. The viewer is easy to use and a simple, reduced solution.

Anyone who feels curious can go directly to their APP Store and download the meissl architects APP.

In the VR Lounge, with the password meissltest, we made a few pictures available to try out